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Best pubs showing the Rugby World Cup 2023

The Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off this Friday 8 September: we’ve chosen some of the best pubs around Roman Road for the most dedicated rugby fans or those who just want to catch a bit of the action.

As the countdown to the highly anticipated Rugby World Cup 2023 begins, we have found the best pubs in the area to grab a pint or try something new with fellow rugby aficionados. If you’re looking for a great place to catch the action, the pubs near Roman Road have something special in store for you including great food menus, family-friendly viewing, and lots of East London vigour.

The Lord Napier Star


Hackney Wick boasts a plethora of bars, restaurants, and breweries, ranging from Howling Hops to the unique Barge East floating on the opposite side of the canal. However, standing out in the crowd is the Lord Napier Star, the neighbourhood’s only pub. This is no ordinary historic tavern; instead, it’s a vibrant and contemporary establishment renowned for its vivid graffiti-covered exterior. The Lord Napier is a hub of activity, hosting a packed weekly agenda featuring quizzes, DJs, and delectable curries. As an added bonus for sports enthusiasts, Lord Napier screens all of the England Rugby World Cup matches, along with many other games from the tournament.

Find the Lord Napier Star on 25 White Post Ln, E9 5EN.

The Coborn


the interior of a pub with a large house plant to the left, wood pannelled walls and a small chandelier in The Coborn, Mile End, East London

Following last year’s renovations, the Coborn pub exudes the timeless charm of an early 20th-century East End establishment. Adorned with rich mahogany-panelled walls and comfortable ox-blood leather button-back chairs, it provides an ideal backdrop for a relaxed and family-friendly rugby viewing experience. If you’re planning to dine with a party of four or more, you’ll even receive a complimentary round of Guinness to accompany your meal. For those seeking a more immersive rugby experience, the pub offers private viewings in the Rugby Locker Room, creating the perfect atmosphere for those eager to immerse themselves in the action.

Pop into The Coborn on 8 Coborn Rd, Bow, London E3 2DA.

Rusty Bike


Rusty Bike pub and beer garden, Mile End Road.

If you’re determined not to miss any of the Rugby this year, set up a bar tab at the Rusty Bike in Mile End and dive right in. This eccentric and vibrant sports pub is your go-to spot, broadcasting all the World Cup games on six high-definition screens, courtesy of Sky and BT sports coverage. Its eye-catching red parasols are impossible to overlook as you emerge from Mile End tube station, shading a spacious outdoor seating area abuzz with sports enthusiasts. And if hunger strikes during halftime, the Rusty Bike has you covered with an extensive menu of highly recommended Thai cuisine. Who can resist the temptation of a delicious Pad Thai paired with a pint? 

Pop into the Rusty Bike on 588 Mile End Rd, London E3 4PH.

Green Goose


Green Goose Cardigan Road Bow East

If you’re seeking a more refined experience, one where you can enjoy the World Cup while sipping on a refreshing spritz instead of juggling two pints of lager, then the Green Goose in Bow should be your destination of choice. Affectionately referred to as ‘The Goose’ by locals, this establishment boasts expansive period windows that bring in a brightness not typically found in Bow’s traditional pubs. They’re equipped with plenty of TVs for the World Cup season, but we recommend making advance reservations for England matches to secure your spot. If you happen to visit on a sunny day this week, you might even have the opportunity to catch the game in the pub’s evergreen, astroturfed beer garden.

Visit the Green Goose at 112 Anglo Road, E3 5HD.

The Crown


Outside of The Crown pub, Grove Road.

With a picturesque view of Victoria Park from the balcony, the pub is an excellent choice for enjoying the tournament. Its stylish new seating arrangements and dining rooms provide an ideal setting for a meal and a drink. Like the Coborn around the corner and other Young’s pubs, for groups of four or more, there’s the added bonus of a complimentary round of Guinness. They are currently accepting reservations for the Rugby World Cup, or if you prefer, we recommend arriving early to secure a prime spot with a great view of one of the three screens downstairs.

The Crown is located at 223 Grove Rd, Old Ford, E3 5SN.

Little Driver


Little Driver Pub Bow beer garden.

Little Driver, a sports pub with an unwavering passion for the game, is set to deliver all the live action from the Rugby World Cup 2023 to Bow this season. Frequented by the beloved neighbourhood cat, Little Driver boasts a two-tiered beer garden equipped with private screens in each booth, available for pre-booking. This ensures that you can enjoy immersing yourself in the excitement of the Rugby World Cup and being surrounded by the company of passionate rugby enthusiasts.

Find Little Driver at 125 Bow Road, E3 2AN.

The Horn of Plenty


Courtesy of Geoff Henson

Located just 100 yards away from Stepney Green station, this charming pub boasts an extensive array of beverages crafted in the heart of the East End. Alongside its delectable cuisine, this cosy establishment features two large screens broadcasting all the excitement of the World Cup events, making it the perfect spot to enjoy the games in an intimate setting.

Visit The Horn of Plenty at 36 Globe Rd, Bethnal Green, E1 4DU.

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