Roman Road is one of East London’s best known high street and here in this local magazine you will find interviews, reviews and news that celebrate its best shops, markets, people, culture, places to visit and things to do in the area.

Roman Road serves the Eastern reaches of Tower Hamlets. It starts at Bethnal Green tube at the Western end and runs east for nearly a mile and half to Parnell Road and the edges of Fish Island at the very Eastern end.  It runs directly through the neighbourhoods of Bow and Globe Town, however Roman Road is also the nearest high street to Victoria Park Village to the north and Mile End and Stepney Green to the south.

Roman Road heritage

Roman Road’s heritage is rooted in the working class history of the East End. Here, pioneering women such as Sylvia Pankhurst, Annie Besant and Clara Grant fought for a better life for the poor of East London.  Roman Road is bound by the Hereford Union and Regents Canal that bore goods from the East End factories to the far reaches of the country. Roman Road is also fringed by Victoria Park, commissioned by Queen Victoria to provide a green lung to smog-filled East End of the past.

Roman Road Market

Roman Road’s famous Roman Road Market in Bow operates on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday from about 9am to 3pm. Find the real east end and experience a traditional street market that has stayed true to its roots and offer fantastic bargains. Use Mile End or Bow Road tube to reach the market.

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