The best pancakes near Roman Road

We’ve found the best pancake places around Roman Road to satisfy your pancake cravings. Whether you fancy something savoury or something absolutely covered in fruit or nutella, there is no batter place you can find it than your local area.

Cafe East

426 Roman Rd, E3 5LU

Cafe East best pancake places

Cafe East is one of the most popular stops on Roman Road, with their daily queue outside becoming a feature of the pavement. You know they’re doing something right. Owner Mustafa Has thinks the customers like the colourful fruits, the fact that everything is made fresh, and the tropical feel Cafe East has.

With their own pancake and waffle menu as a permanent fixture, they shouldn’t be missed. While you can get a whole full English with your pancakes here, as well as just dessert pancakes, all the options are served with pleasing-to-the-eye exotic fruits. They’d recommend the popular ‘Lost in London’, which does two pancakes, scrambled eggs, streaky bacon, Cumberland sausage, two hash browns and beans.


618 Roman Rd, E3 2RW

Muxima best pancake places

Muxima has chill vibes down to a T. At the end of Roman Road, by the Saucy Kipper Fish Bar, the cafe has calming music and creative décor. Their chef Tommy tells us that the pancake you should have your eyes on is their popular buttermilk pancakes with bacon and seasonal fruits, which can be drizzled with honey, syrup, cream or simply powdered sugar.

The dish has three massive American-style pancakes, which with the combination of bicarbonate of soda and buttermilk gives a distinguished fluffy light taste.

Visit the Muxima website to see what else they’re up to

The Larder

241-243 Globe Rd, Bethnal Green E2 0JD

The Larder, Bethnal Green Pancakes

The Larder, just beside the London Buddhist Centre, is a cosy cafe off the main road that’s ideal for a wholesome catch up with friends. Their pancakes are usually the most popular item on the breakfast brunch menu, so they have the day figured.

They’ll be serving up their Banana and Berry pancakes. These three buttermilk drop pancakes are served with yoghurt and maple syrup. If the weather is sunny and bright, the best place to have your larder pancakes is in their courtyard.

Visit The Larder website to see what else they have

Cafe Creme

566 Roman Rd, E3 5ES

Cafe Creme, Roman Road Best Pancakes

Beside the Bow Library, you’ll find the charming Cafe Creme on the corner. Whether you’re up for a light snack or a hearty meal, they can help. The same applies to Pancake Day. The friendly family-run business will be serving up several homemade pancakes with strawberries, blueberries and banana.

They have several choices, there’s a pancake with maple syrup, lemon and sugar, nutella and banana, or a pancake with bacon and maple syrup. All of them are served with a scoop of ice cream on the side.

Visit the Cafe Creme website to see what else they offer

Mae + Harvey

414 Roman Rd, E3 2RZ

Mae + Harvey Roman Road Pancakes

Mae + Harvey on the Roman go all out on Pancake day. Their pancakes will be set at £5 all day and they are staying open a little later, until 10pm. The pancake day menu will feature flavours like classic lemon and sugar and the favourite homemade nutella with chopped banana.

They’ll also have some creative twists like poached rhubarb and blood orange with whipped vanilla cream, and Nan’s fresh orange and sugar. Their pancake mix is a recipe inspired by chef Oliver Rowe, a regular at the cafe, who showed them his ‘puff pancake’ recipe from his latest cook book. The result? They’re deliciously light and fluffy.

Visit the Mae + Harvey website to find out more


407 Roman Rd, E3 5QS

Loafing Nutella and banana pancake with strawberries

Roman Road’s Loafing, which reopened in March 2019, is a key pancake day stop, offering delicate, mouth-watering crêpes. Those desiring both sweet and savoury on pancake day will not be disappointed.

Loafing’s owner, Susie McDuell, explains how their most popular dish is a vegan option: a thin buckwheat flour galette filled with homemade sun-dried tomato pesto, mushrooms, onions and spinach. Susie’s topping of choice is Nutella and ice cream, which also features on their menu. What’s the secret to making a great crepe? ‘You’ll need fresh ingredients and the right technique to create the perfect crêpe: thin, colourful and beautiful’, Susie replies.

Gözlemes on Roman Road Market

Roman Rd, Bow, E3 5ES

Women making Turkish gozleme at hot food stall at Roman Road Market, East London

This no-fuss hot food stall, halfway down Roman Road Market is the perfect stop for a savoury, crêpe-like gölzeme.

Gölzemes are traditional Turkish flatbread-pastry dishes, usually made with unleavened dough, giving them their thin texture.

Their gölzemes are all priced at £3.50, with fillings that include cheese, spinach, potato and lamb.

Gölzemes at Artisan Bakery

67 Usher Rd, Bow, E3 2HA

Turkish woman making gozleme pancakes at Akdeniz store on Roman Road, East London

Nestled inside Niyazi Usta Artisan Bakery, next to Akdeniz Supermarket, you can find freshly made Gözlemes made on demand, for a very affordable price.

This bakery, which is owned by their neighbours Akdeniz, sell a range of produce including Turkish pastries, baked every day in the supermarket next door’s large, subterranean bakery which lies underneath the shop floor. Fun fact, this used to be the home of Breid bakery

Inside the bakery, a lady wearing traditional Turkish dress makes filling, buttery Gözlemes which are all priced at £2.50. You can choose from mushroom, minced meat, spinach and cheese and potato fillings. 

These savoury Turkish crêpes are on offer during Akdeniz’s opening hours 7am-7pm.

Fancy the featured image pancakes? They’re from Cafe East too

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