David Hoffman Roman Road Cafe Crawl for Photomonth

Elderly women dancing in community hall
Dancing © David Hoffman

The Cafe Crawl (part of Photomonth) on Roman Road is showing rarely seen photos from renown local photojournalist David Hoffman. His photography has ranged from racism to riots but also pictures of the East End since the early ’70s. Few of them have been seen before and the Roman Road Cafe Crawl for Photomonth is a rare opportunity to see this moving documentation of East End life.

The photos are being displayed at Roman Rd Art Café, Zealand Road Coffee Shop and Vinarius. “The photographs are of the ordinary, wonderful people who lived in this part of London” says Hoffman, “and so it seems fitting to show them where today’s ordinary, wonderful people eat, drink and relax.”

On the evening of Thursday 16th October there will be a Private View at a fourth coffee shop, Muxima, to launch the final group of photographs to be hung as part of the Roman Road Cafe Crawl. These will  contain Hoffman’s more political work documenting protests and riots.

On Saturday October 18th at about noon Hoffman will be available at Roman Rd Art Cafe to talk about the photographs and lead a relaxed tour around all four cafes.

David Hoffman’s Roman Road Cafe Crawl exhibition runs until the end of November 2014.

Two men, an old fashioned pram and a stuffed panda in East End of London
Two men, two pandas and a pram © David Hoffman
Police officer about with fist clenched threatening to punch protestor on ground
Riot scene © David Hoffman


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