Dogs of Alcibiades, guarding the Bonner Entrance of Victoria Park

The story behind the Dogs of Alcibiades statues in Victoria Park

The statues are marble sculptures of Molossian Hounds and were donated to the park by Lady Aignarth, a wealthy and clearly rather generous resident of East London, in 1912. They are rumoured to have been a commemoration of her late husband, Horatio, who passed away that year.

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At least the weather’s good: a lockdown poem from Iftikhar Latif

Ifti Latif is a local poet, who wrote a poem inspired by lockdown last summer. As the winter months take hold and people look for some positivity in the current climate, he has chosen to share his work which he hopes will ‘be something nice to think about, especially as we enter January’.

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Wild and Wolly knitting supplies, Lower Clapton Road

The East End Trades Guilds launches online store to rival Amazon

Local businesses of the East End have been working together to create an online store, the East End Trades Guild Store. The platform is an alternative to Amazon and one that forms a vital support network between businesses that have been forced to close during lockdown.

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