David Miller, owner of Breid © Tabitha Stapely

Meet Miller from Breid Bakery on Roman Road

David Miller (he prefers Miller), may not be known to you, but if you live on Roman Road you’ll most likely have tasted his bread. Based out of the basement bakery of the Cagdas grocery store, Miller and his two bakers turn out hundreds of loaves daily, supplying Roman Road’s best cafes and restaurants with soft, chewy sourdough loaves.

Muxima, Vinarius, Les Table des Saveurs, Symposium, Green Truffle and Roman Road grocers Cagdas and Sahin all count Breid (Miller’s wholesale bakery) as a trusted supplier. Whether it is a hefty loaf you can take home to make your own or butter-dripping toast served up in one of these establishments, Breid is likely to be the sourdough on everyone’s lips down these parts.

Four sourdough bread loaves in a basket
Breid sourdough loaves by Miller.

Edinburgh born and bred, Miller melds classic European loaves with a hint of Scottish flavour, for sourdough with a unique and personal twist. The main offering is simple. Sowans Sourdough – a strong, oat bran infused white loaf. Struan Bread – a light harvest loaf with plenty of healthy grains. Skotzkr Honey Rye – a hearty rye with honey and malted grains. Tattie Buns – perfect for burgers and sandwiches.

Built over three years on the Roman Road, the Breid brand and baking full-time wasn’t always on the cards for Miller. He studied Actuarial Accounting at university and moved to London to work in the film industry. ‘My two main passions are food and film. I enjoyed that time of my life working in Soho but I felt doing something in food would be more satisfying for me,’ he says.

Sourdough before it goes in the oven
Dough-n’t you want me, baby? © Tabitha Stapely

Muxima Café was one of the places he worked at when he decided to leave his job in film to pursue a career in food. Spending entire nights in the kitchen there, obsessing over new recipes and developing breads and cakes to serve as part of the Muxima menu, Miller began to lay the foundations for Breid.

He spent a year pulling all-nighters at Muxima before launching Breid and moving into Cagdas to bake full time. This is without any professional training. ‘I was always into my food and I nearly quit uni to be a chef,’ he says. ‘When I decided to do it for real, I decided to do it properly. You’ve got to do it every day.’

Miller shaping his sourdough. © Tabitha Stapely
Miller gets handsy with his dough. © Tabitha Stapely

He now employs two members of staff (‘finally!’) and has fingers crossed to move from wholesaling to retail as the next part of the grand Breid plan. Will Breid be staying local? ‘Definitely – either here or Bow. I spend a lot of time around here and I love the community,’ says Miller. We’re pretty into his bread, too.


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