Canal boat windows. Photography by Rose Palmer
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Companionship on camera: the beauty of everyday interactions in the East End [photoessay]

Moments of intimacy between East Enders are captured in these warm everyday interactions.

Our everyday lives are populated by intimate moments shared, not necessarily between romantic couples, but friends, colleagues and pets that elevate the mundane moments in our day into fond memories.

From giving a haircut to your partner on an open-top boat meandering down Regent’s Canal, to sharing a joke with a colleague to break up the rigour of running the East End’s oldest fishmonger, these photos capture the joyful occurrences that are all too easy to overlook in the tidal rush of life.

Local photographers Matt Payne, Rose Palmer, Tania Olive and Andrew Leo capture stills of people at ease. For instance, see two young footballers taking a break from playing for their much loved local team, the Vicky Park Rangers, or Meredith and her canine companion Bell resting in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, where they enjoy being part of their humble dog walker community.

Among the noise of East London it is easy to forget to pause and reflect in the sanctity of our local beauty spots, such as Victoria Park and Regents Canal. This collection allows us to look at the quiet moments in life where people are truly contented with those that matter most, their carefree candour pictured in a clear light.

Couple cutting each other's hair on their houseboat on Regent's Canal laughing environmental portraits by Matt Payne
Emma and Anna on their boat cutting each other’s hair on Regent’s Canal: captured by Matt Payne
Cuddling the dog - a window into canal boats on Regent's Canal, by photographer Rose Palmer
Cuddling the dog – a window into canal boats on Regent’s Canal by photographer Rose Palmer
Meredith and Bell, her dog, in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park in Mile End
Meredith and Bell photographed by Tania Olive
Husband and wife business team in their shed smiling environmental portraits by Matt Payne
Husband and wife Finn and Brian who run their own business in their work shed: taken by Matt Payne
Two Vicky Park Ranger girl footballers sit on the sidelines.
Two Vicky Park Ranger footballers sit on the sidelines: photographed by Andrew Leo
The Downey brothers, fishmonger market stall on Globe Town Market, East London.
Del Downey with his brother Roger in their fresh fish stall on Globe Town Market, Roman Road

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