Beat the winter blues with move studio london’s health and fitness programme


As the days draw in darker and colder, there is a tendency to retreat into ourselves and our creature comforts to survive the winter. After the exuberance of summer, the winter months can prove challenging for many of us, and there is often a spike in depression and anxiety as the days darken. So what can we do to minimise the winter blues?

The founders of local yoga and fitness studio, move studio london, have put together a programme of events specifically with the intention of easing the transition into winter. They have found movement to be invaluable for alleviating the stresses of modern city living, so they are passionate about creating an ethos of movement through their studio.

Nutrition workshop with Jodie Abrahams

Saturday 23rd November 2019
Jodie Abrahams, a nutrionist running a yoga workshop at move studio

With the idea of grounding for the winter in mind, move HQ have joined forces with locally based nutritionist Jodie Abrahams to offer a workshop focusing on nutrition, yoga and meditative techniques to turn inwards and listen to the body during this time. Tuning into our body’s signals can have a huge influence on how we approach our relationship with food and assimilate the nutrients that our body needs.

In this workshop, Jodie will discuss how external factors can affect food cravings, the power of the gut-brain connection and which foods can help our bodies be more resilient to stress. You’ll leave with tips and strategies for more mindful, intuitive eating.

The workshop will include a Yin yoga practice and meditation, and will take place on Saturday 23rd November from 3-4.30pm. Tickets cost £25 and are available to buy from the move studio london website.

Jodie is an East London-based holistic nutritionist, specialising in women’s health. She has a particular interest in balancing hormones, managing the physical effects of stress and supporting a non-judgemental approach to eating.

Sound Bath workshop with Kate Stewart

Sunday 12th January 2020
Kate Stewart running sound healing yoga workshop at move studio

To help you get through the post-Christmas slump, the studio is offering a Yin Yoga and Sound Bath at 6pm on Sunday 12th January. The event will begin with a one hour Yin Yoga practice with Jessica to prepare the body and mind for the sound journey; you will then be bathed in the soothing tones of Kate’s crystal singing bowls for the remainder of the session, and emerge feeling relaxed, revived and replenished.

Sound Healing is the use of high vibration sound waves to encourage cellular reorganisation and optimal physical health. Since the body is over 70% water and sound travels more efficiently through water than through air, sound frequency is a highly efficient means for total body stimulation, especially at the cellular level. Sound is like nutrition for the nervous system.

Kate is a Reiki and Sound Practitioner working with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, offering 1:1 sessions and group sound events. Kate’s personal journey of practising meditation, movement, breathwork, shamanic work and yoga helped her to overcome anxiety that she’d lived with from the age of 11. She has since made it her purpose to support and share these gifts with others.

Jessica has been teaching yoga for the last five years, interspersing her time in the city with spells in the ashrams of India and the Amazon jungle. She came to yoga at a time of great personal loss and has found it to be an incredible anchor during life’s inevitable storms, and a fundamental guidebook for living well.

Classes at move

The regular timetable has 25 weekly classes, with something for everyone. They have yoga, fitness and pilates sessions with a focus on form and correct alignment to ensure safe practice and prevent injury.

They encourage movement of all kinds, for all people; there are no pre-requisites, and no need for fancy gear – just bring yourself and some comfortable clothing you can move in.


The fitness classes cover a broad range of training options, from full power HIIT and Strength, to energetic Circuits, to targeted Tone sessions. Integrating explosive cardio bursts, bodyweight exercise and equipment work, their team of experienced instructors will support and motivate your progress to optimum physical health.


The Yoga classes follow a simple model of Flow and Slow (to keep things simple, and allow the teachers to each bring their own flavor to the table), with the Flow classes being more dynamic and deliberately sequenced to get your juices flowing, while the Slow sessions are more grounding and meditative with an emphasis on deep stretch.


The popular Pilates sessions are also a great addition to any training programme. Pilates is an excellent way to build strength and integrity in your core muscles for better balance and flexibility. It improves posture and alignment and uses controlled movements to enhance the overall stability of the body.

Parent and baby

Sam and Jess also have a keen interest in the innumerable benefits of movement for new mothers, both pre- and post-natally. There are two Mum and Baby classes per week, and several regular classes suitable during pregnancy. The founders regularly run baby massage courses, infant-focused workshops and will introduce a Hypnobirthing course in the near future to support local mums in the transition through pregnancy and birth.

Read more about move studio’s Roman Road opening here

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