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The exceptional colours of autumn in Victoria Park captured in this beautiful photoessay

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Victoria Park’s trees, pathways, and landmarks in autumn with local resident Phil Verney’s stunning shots.

With the unprecedented heat over the summer, it was something of a relief when autumn made an appearance. In a normal year, this season can feel rather short but because summer lasted well into September, we are still enjoying the colours of autumn in November.

No where is it shining more wonderfully and showing off its best self than in our own Victoria Park. Local photographer Phil Verney, who has been heading out to the park in the mornings and late afternoons for the past two weeks, has captured the beauty of this shoulder season in all its glory.

While the shortening days can feel a little mournful, the low-level sun can be appreciated for how it casts the softening autumnal light enabling it to filter through the trees and create long shadows over the camel and copper carpets spread across the grass. The Park’s wide carriage walkways, usually cloaked in a cooling forest green shade in summer, are dappled in the rusty rose glow of autumn sunsets. They are the perfect spot for walkers, flinging their lengthy scarves over shoulders, to weave in between large piles of saffron, siena, and sage green leaves. 

The rusty red columns of the 28 feet tall gothic granite monument that is the Burdett-Coutts Drinking Fountain sings at this time of year. The Fountain has seen 160 autumns come and go, having been on this site since 1862. The Fountain’s granduer  has inspired the community for generations; it’s been the place of socialist debate and Suffragette rallies, the site of marriage proposals, and the backdrop for several grime music videos

Despite the darkening and cooling days that will soon give way to winter, appreciating the beauty of autumn through Verney’s stunning images will hopefully help to brighten your mood and lift your spirits. 

If you enjoyed this photoessay, take a look at Victoria Park ‘s heritage trees in winter.

Sunlight through trees, Victoria Park in autumn, East London, 2022.
Sunlight filters through trees, creating a beautiful dapple effect on the ground. © Social Streets CIC

People walking in Victoria Park in autumn, East London, 2022.
Walking and cycling along the copper rose pathways © Social Streets CIC

Coutts Fountain, Victoria Park in autumn, East London, 2022.
The Burdett-Coutts Drinking Fountain’s light rustic red sings during this season. © Social Streets CIC
Hertford Union canal along Victoria Park in autumn, East London, 2022.
Canal boats moored up along the canal, the water creating a beautiful shimmering cooling reflection. © Social Streets CIC
Coutts fountain and bandstand, Victoria Park in autumn, East London, 2022.
The Coutts fountain and its neighbour, the bandstand. © Social Streets CIC
Avenue of trees, Victoria Park in autumn, East London, 2022.
A beautiful boulevard of deciduous trees © Social Streets CIC
Path along the canal, Victoria Park in autumn, East London, 2022.
A solitary walker enjoying the peace of Victoria Park © Social Streets CIC
Coutts fountain on a grey autumn day, Victoria Park, East London, 2022.
The views of the steel grey City in the distance, on a grey autumn day. © Social Streets CIC

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