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The best yoga classes around Roman Road

There’s no need to bend over backwards trying to find the yoga class that’s perfect for you: we’ve whittled down a guide to the best of East London’s exciting and diverse yoga scene to help you reach full yogic relaxation.

Yoga is truly relaxing when you can do it a step away from where you live. Tucked away in churches, community centres and unlikely high street locations, Roman Road’s yoga options cover everything from iyengar to hatha, and come at out-of-town price tags to boot.

Looking for an hour in the evening to unwind, or a way to build up your strength? Or maybe you’ve just had a baby and want to combine childcare with exercise? Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you might want to stray from Roman Road and join a meditative yoga retreat with other locals. Whatever your yogic wishes, Bow’s got you covered.

Move Studio London


A handstand at Move Studio London, one of the best yoga classes on Roman Road, Bow, East London

Move Studio is a fitness and yoga studio above Abbotts Flooring that offers a few yoga options. In the bright and plant-filled space it’s easy to feel at home, and Sam Abbott and Jess Francis will be there to welcome you and tailor experiences to your needs. Classes are focused on developing core strength and they also offer yoga for young parents with pre-and post-natal yoga options where young babies can join in on the fun. A wide range of workshops and events will strengthen your mind alongside your muscles. Hypnobirthing courses and informative workshops about the Menstrual cycle are just some of Move’s dynamic offerings to help you extend the yogic philosophy to all corners of your life.

Find Move Studio on Dane Place, London, E3 5EJ

Yoga Body of Light


Yoga Body of Light in Victoria Park run by Angelika Grohamnn

Angelika Grohmann has created Yoga Body of Light, a spiritual experience that also gives you a workout. Her specific practice is based on the precision and vigour of Iyengar Yoga but she personally focuses more on breathing and the body’s natural flow of movement. Her sessions are all-inclusive, regardless of fitness, strength or flexibility. Participants should expect non-competitive, easygoing, spacious, meditative and accessible sessions. Angelika has practised and taught yoga for more than 35 years. She believes that yoga ‘is the most challenging, most revealing path we can choose.’

Outdoor sessions in Victoria Park take place every Sunday at 9.30 am. Visit Yogabodyoflight.com for more information.

London Buddhist Centre


Yoga class setup at London Buddhist Centre

The London Buddhist Centre offers yoga with a meditative emphasis in its shrine room. The centre has a few instructors who each bring their own flair, but the common central focus is a spiritual and meditative yoga experience. In the calm amber light of the shrine room’s Buddha alter, it’s hard to forget the spiritual roots of yoga, and attendants of this class celebrate the Buddhist focus.

The centre also offers yoga and meditation retreats. Whether you want to learn yoga or spend a few days in the countryside in ultimate relaxation, or even experience a solitary retreat, the London Buddhist Centre can whisk you away.

Find Yoga at the London Buddhist Centre at 51 Roman Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 0HU



Yoganest class at St Margaret's House, one of the best places for yoga classes in Bow, East London

At the Bethnal Green end of Roman Road in St Margaret’s House you will find Yoganest. It offers vinyasa flow (movement yoga that gets your heart rate up and engages your muscles), hatha (more static, deep stretch postures combined with breathing techniques) and yoga for parents and babies. They also venture into specialist yoga options such as yoga for runners. The classes are suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced.

Try out Yoganest at St Margaret’s House, 21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL

ánimo yoga


Nadine and Judy at Animo Yoga on Roman Road, offering some of the best yoga classes on Roman Road, Bow, East London

Just past Cafe East, you will spot a tiny, green-grey-painted shop front – ánimo yoga studio. Their yoga schedule reflects these principles. They offer daily flow yoga lessons that focus on movement, and on Sundays they hold a ‘nidra’ session, which is a type of yogic relaxation aimed at calming the mind. They also run a huge range of workshops, and used to put on a free ‘tea and tots’ session, which was a chance for parents to sip tea and socialise with other parents.

Join ánimo yoga at 475 Roman Road, London E3 5LX



YogaGem yoga classes held outdoors in Victoria Park, one of the best yoga classes in Bow, East London

Gemma Tomkinson has been practising yoga since 2014. She believes that yoga is the key to a strong body and mind. Rise & Shine Morning Vinyasa sessions will help you kick start the weekend by centring your mind and balancing your body. While her classes are popular, they aren’t cramped, as Gemma limits class sizes so each one feels truly personal and so you don’t feel, as Gemma puts it, like a ‘sardine in a tin’. As the weather gets warmer, Gemma will be bringing her classes outside to Victoria Park so you can enjoy the tranquillity of yoga in a hub of nature and human activity.

YogaGem’s yoga sessions will be every Saturday morning at 10 am in Victoria Park when the weather gets better. For when they will begin and for more information visit yogagem.co.uk.

Strong + Bendy


Strong and Bendy Gym Hackney Wick
Photo provided by Strong and Bendy Gym Hackney

London’s only outdoor and indoor fitness space, Strong + Bendy is the place to be if you feel calmer outdoors. Offering a range of classes from beginners to advanced, they focus on your own confidence and comfort. From Desk Therapy Yoga, outdoor cardio, and even twerk classes, if you feel like spicing things up, this is definitely somewhere to try. 

The Trowbridge Centre, 1 Trowbridge Rd, E9 5LD

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