The living depiction image of the man was produced by forensic artist, Hew Morrison, issued by Locate International charity.

Image released to identify man who mysteriously died in Mile End Station

Locate International charity has issued a living depiction of the unidentified man who was killed by a train at Mile End Station in 1975.

Did you work for the underground network or at Mile End Station in the 1970s? 

Are you a watch enthusiast, or do you know anyone who is? 

These are just some of the questions being asked by Locate International in its appeal to identify a man who was killed by a train at Mile End underground station almost 50 years ago and who remains unidentified. 

Locate International is a charity that investigates missing people and unidentified bodies, and believes it could be the last chance to identify the man. 

The charity is appealing to the public to help reunite him with his name and has released a new living depiction of the man produced by forensic artist, Hew Morrison. 

The man was struck by a train at Mile End Station at about 9:35 am on Thursday 8 May 1975.

He is believed to have been in his 40s or 50s, about 6ft (183cm) tall, was white, and had black receding hair. He was clean-shaven and had false teeth, possibly only for his upper teeth.

The man was dressed in blue trousers, a light blue shirt and a navy blue blazer with yellow metal buttons from Burton. He also wore a white vest and Y front underpants, long grey socks and black leather lace-up shoes in a size 7 from Moss Bros. 

Even though this happened in 1975, we’re still confident we can reunite Mile End Man with his real name. It’s never too late

Dave Grimstead, Locate CEO

He had a metal watch from the Tudor Oyster brand created by Rolex, model number 7804, which suggests it was produced in 1951 or 1952; serial number 86414. It would have cost the equivalent of £1,000-£2,000 in today’s money.

He also had a metal Ronson Varaflame lighter, which suggests he may have been a man of means at some point. 

He was carrying a ballpoint pen embossed with ‘PTL Motors – Western Road E17’: Locate International is particularly keen to hear from anyone who had a connection to PTL Motors in Walthamstow, or to garages in the same area in the 1970s.

Victoria Shepherd, one of the civilian investigators looking into the case, said: ‘If he was still alive, Mile End Man and his contemporaries would be aged around 90 now. That means this really might be the last chance to identify him.

‘The chances are that anyone who can identify him is at least 60 years old now. So if you’re in that age group, please have a look at the image in case you recognise him. And if you’re younger, please share it with anyone older who may be able to help.’

Notable events that occurred around the time of his death on Thursday 8 May 1975 include West Ham winning the FA cup final five days prior.

West Ham’s Alan Taylor scored twice in the final against Fulham FC, and the team led a victory parade through the streets of Newham near Mile End on Sunday 4 May. 

Harold Wilson was in his second brief term as Prime Minister, and Mud were at number one in the UK charts with ‘Oh Boy’. 

Dave Grimstead, Locate International’s CEO and co-founder, said: ‘Even though this happened in 1975, we’re still confident we can reunite Mile End Man with his real name. It’s never too late.

‘All it takes is for one person to recognise one detail, or to share it with someone who might, and it can send our investigation into a new direction.’

If you have any information, please contact Locate International by emailing:, by calling: 0300 102 1011, or by visiting

Find out more about the unexpected history of Mile End Station.  

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