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Tower Hamlets teachers strike on ‘Walkout Wednesday’ and join march to Westminster [photoessay]

In the biggest UK strike day for a decade, Tower Hamlets came out in force to show unity over an often divisive national issue.

From teachers standing outside Malmesbury School’s gates, to pupils chiming in at Morpeth Secondary and support staff protesting in Poplar, the East End is making its voice heard.

On a blissful winter’s morning in East London the trains are jam-packed, the buses are late and the school gates are shut. But with more bikes on the roads and pedestrians on the streets, the so-called misery caused by industrial action is nowhere in sight. The sounds of laughter from groups of teachers and their friendly exchanges with pedestrians has brought a welcome reprise for many struggling with bills in the cost-of-living crisis.

As you walk down Mile End road, cars chug noisily at each other, stuck in queue upon queue of traffic. Exhaust permeates the London skyline, creating a thin haze of smog over the bright blue scene. But as you venture off the main road down past The Coborn pub, a new kind of activity becomes perceptible. Teachers from all walks of life stand with homemade placards in front of Malmesbury School. These include, ‘Teachers Just Wanna Have Funds’ and ‘WTF: Where’s the Funding’. Jolly yet ironic signs that touch on the pressing need to better support our public sector workers.

George Green’s School in the Isle of Dogs has also come out in force, a group showcasing a proud mix of young and old united under the striking mandate championed by the National Education Union (NEU). If, like many of us, you tune into national bulletins you could be forgiven for perceiving strikers as grim-faced malcontents seeking a day off. Instead, we have smiling and proud East Enders out in droves in the cold, shouting for what they believe in.

Morpeth School’s Bethnal Green strikers boast an array of coloured banners, flags and signs, with pupils putting aside detention-related resentment to stand alongside their teachers. As you walk or cycle through the East End, some groups are playing music from bluetooth speakers to add to the cheer. Some from their cars give a friendly honk, others scorn with disapproval. Despite these divergent views, this day’s striking action has been in abundantly good faith, captured in our photoessay below.

Teachers stood outside Malmesbury Primary School holding homemade posters, flags and placards.
‘WTF?! Where’s the Funding?’: Teachers outside Malmesbury Primary School see the funny side of pupils’ slang.
A determined striker holder a placard saying 'Hand us back our NHS, Now!' with a crowd of protestors at her back.
Not just for teachers: a determined protestor in the City of London demanding improvements to the NHS. Photo credit: Rehan Jamil.
Protest signs made by teachers of various colours and slogans.
Signs made by striking teachers demanding better pay and funding for their schools.
George Green’s School in Isle of Dogs: A Tower of Hamlets-wide movement with Apsana Begum, Labour MP for Poplar & Limehouse.
Teachers from Canary Wharf College striking with signs and flags.
Teachers from Canary Wharf College: ‘Almost all teachers from the trust were on strike despite hostility from leadership’.
Teachers waving flags on strike at Stebon Primary School.
Striking teachers from Stebon Primary School fuelled with sweet treats from the headteacher.
A young activist in the city centre showing solidarity with refugees. Photo credit: Rehan Jamil.
Morpeth School teachers and pupils united in the cause for better pay.
The National Education Union (NEU) out in force. Photo credit: Rehan Jamil.
Striking teachers showcasing their poetry skills with catchy slogans such as: ‘Come on Gill, Pay the Bill’ referring to education secretary Gillian Keegan.
Teachers from Arnhem Wharf Primary School waving flags on the picket line outside of school.
Teachers from Arnhem Wharf Primary School on the Isle of Dogs waving flags on the picket line.
Teachers striking outside of Harbinger Primary School.
Harbinger Primary teachers out in force.
Teachers striking outside of Central Foundation Girls' school in Bow.
‘Save our Schools’: Teachers line the street with placards outside Central Foundation Girls’ School in Bow.
Teachers striking outside Langdon Park School in Poplar.
Protesting in Poplar: Teachers at Langdon Park Primary get involved.
Striking teachers from Isle of Dog's schools holding flags and placards.
Teachers and support staff from schools across the Isle of Dogs congregate for a hard-earned coffee break.

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