London Blossom Garden, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford.

Where to see the prettiest cherry blossom near Roman Road

From the streets of Bow to the Olympic Park Blossom Garden, local residents share where to find the most beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms this spring.

Though the Spring equinox passed in March, it is not until our cherry blossoms come out that we start to see tangible signs of Spring in East London. 

Cherry blossom season generally falls in April in London when flourishes of pink line our inner city streets and our precious green spaces are covered in a smattering of white petals.   

The London Blossom Garden in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a particularly beautiful spot to admire the cherry blossoms, with 33 blossom trees, each representing a London borough. 

A living memorial to commemorate our shared experience of the pandemic, it is coming up to the garden’s two-year anniversary, which was opened by Sadiq Khan in May 2021.  

Though the cherry blossoms – also known as sakura – can flower as early as March and can last until mid-May, the average tree only blossoms for about two weeks. 

So next time you’re out and about in Stratford, or rambling through Victoria Park Market on a Sunday, make sure you appreciate the trees in full bloom while you can. 

Knowing that many of our readers have a keen eye for photography, we reached out to local residents to find the most beautiful blossom in our neighbourhood to look out for this April.

Cherry blossom trees in Victoria Park.
Victoria Park. © Social Streets C.I.C
Cherry blossoms against a blue sky with clouds, taken on Kenilworth Road, Bow.
Kenilworth Road, Bow. Photo by Stef Braithwaite.
London Blossom Garden in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford.
London Blossom Garden in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford.
Cherry blossom trees lining Cedar Close in Bow with Clare House in the background.
Cedar Close in Bow. Photo by Phil Verney.
White cherry blossom at the London Blossom Garden in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.
London Blossom Garden, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford.
White and light pink cherry blossom trees in Grove Hall Park, Bow.
Grove Hall Park, Bow.
Pink cherry blossom in Victoria Park.
Victoria Park. Photo by David Jury.

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